May 23, 2014 at 11:24 AM

The Joys And Terrors Of Public Speaking - Editors Talk About The New Book

By Scott Topper

Editors from across the country have come together to tell their tales about public speaking in a new book entitled “The Joys And Terrors of Public Speaking” by David Scott.

David Scott, who works as a media consultant and is a journalism and law trainer, approached various editors from regional newspapers and other journalists to put together their experiences of public speaking – something that is a very important skill for many journalists and editors.

The book looks at the funny side of public speaking and is aimed at those who are looking to gain some courage and confidence before speaking at a public event such as a conference, a meeting or even a wedding.

Some of the contributors to the book include Jon Grubb, Ian Murray, Rachael Campey, John Butterworth and Bob Satchwell and all give some insight into public speaking and how to make the perfect speech.

Author David Scott

said: “The mere thought of standing up and speaking in front of an audience of any kind fills many people with dread.

“This book is not about the experiences of professional speakers but a collection of stories written by ordinary people.”

David himself has had many years of experience in public speaking and was thrown into the deep end at the age of only 18.

He explained: “If you were the only local reporter you were expected to stand up in front of your Rotary Club and entertain them for 45 minutes, no matter how young you were.

“It was good training for when I became a councillor in Maldon, Essex, then the town’s Mayor and editor of the Romford Observer, Banbury Guardian and Birmingham Daily News. I have been fortunate in seeing the eccentric British public at its best.”

Public Speaking

is something that is needed in many of the most unlikely professions and often people find themselves needing public speaking skills to complete their work but without any experience or training.

Some of the people who have also contributed their thoughts on public speaking in the book include church ministers, Parliamentary candidates and speaker finders who all give their own bits of advice.

Making a speech is not something that is restricted to the famous or the powerful, public speaking is a skill that many of us need in our everyday lives so it is good to hear about how other people have succeeded and failed to be able to learn from their mistakes in a humourous way and then to be able to move on and perform public speaking with confidence.

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