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Giving A Speech At Daughters Wedding - Scottish Father Dies of Heart Attack

By Scott Topper

Giving A Speech At Daughters Wedding

According to a report by the Express newspaper, Tom Small was giving his speech at his daughters wedding when he said he felt unwell and then collapsed.  Although he was taken to a local hospital the doctors were unable to revive him and he died after suffering a heart attack.

The tragic story was told tot he Scottish Sunday Express by his widow Doreen, his daughter Dianne and her husband Matt Smith.

His 33 year old daughter Dianne said: “The weather was beautiful, the hotel was lovely and everything was set up – it was great, we couldn’t have asked for better.

“My dad walked me down the aisle, and he gave me a wee look.  It was lovely, really nice.  He was proud and he was happy, we all were having a great time.  He was giving his father of the bride speech after dinner, everyone was looking at him and laughing at his jokes, he was quite happy, and then he just passed out and never regained consciousness.”

His widow Doreen who was at his side during the speech which was given on the Isle of Skye said: “He just tuned around and said “sorry folks” and went to me “I don’t feel very well” and then collapsed on the floor”.

Tom Small

Tom Small was used to being the centre of attention and enjoyed entertaining the crowd and was part of the famous Tartan Army where he was known as The Battlebus Commander because of his role in organising the transport for the Tartan Army when they went on their travels.

Head of the fans for the Tartan Army, Hamish Husband said: “He was a larger than life character.  He was part of the heart of the Tartan Army and without him we would have all been left stranded or getting on the wrong train.”

His widow Dianne added: “Everything was about having a laugh, having fun and having a smile on his face.  He was in his element when he was telling stories that you’d already heard about 20 or 30 times before!”

She concluded by stating that he died doing a speech and telling his stories which was something that he had always enjoyed doing: “There’s a bit of comfort to be taken from the fact he was as happy as can be expected when this happened.  He died with a great big smile on his face.”

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