Sep 30, 2014 at 11:51 AM

Public Speaking Courses: How to Cope with Speech Anxiety

By Scott Topper

Overcome fear of public speaking and deliver memorable speeches that your audience will love! Speech anxiety is the biggest fear reported by people, topping sickness, flying, bugs, and death. If practice is not enough, there are several ways to cope with public speaking fear and gain confidence. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and exposure to virtual reality environments have proven to be useful for most speakers. You may also try cognitive-behavioral therapy and herbal medicines.

Speech anxiety is a serious condition that can ruin your life. Most times, it causes extreme stress, breathing difficulties, chills, shaking, trembling, and even fever. It’s important to be aware that public speaking fear affects almost everyone. The good news is that most people are able to get over this problem and deliver great speeches.

Public Speaking Courses: Don’t Be Self-Centered

One of the best ways to overcome fear of public speaking is to focus on your message as well as on your audience. Try to figure out how you can best serve your audience and improve their lives. Stop thinking about yourself so much! The truth is that people don’t care about you. They have come to the venue to hear your message and learn useful things. Your role is to provide them with something of value.

Find the best ways to surprise your audience and make them feel comfortable. Use the right tone and language. The more you focus on your audience, the less you’ll think about yourself and your fears.

Public Speaking Courses: Try Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises can help you overcome fear of public speaking and become more relaxed. When you’re under stress, your voice is losing control of pitch and tone. You may also experience shortness of breath. Numerous studies have found that deep breathing helps reduce fear and anxiety. Before making a speech, take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself on the stage. Sometimes imagination is more important than knowledge.

Public Speaking Courses: Recognize Anxiety

Learn to recognize anxiety and identify false alarms so you can overcome fear of public speaking. That rapid heartbeat doesn’t necessarily indicate a panic attack. Excessive sweating isn’t necessarily a sign of speech anxiety. If you focus on these symptoms, you’ll end being nervous and scared. One of the best ways to overcome fear of public speaking is to ignore it. Breathe deeply, do a few stretches, and continue your talk. Keep yourself busy before starting the speech.

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