Jan 19, 2015 at 11:17 AM

How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear and Stage Fright

By Scott Topper

How to conquer public speaking fear and become more confident? Is it possible to make a career in public speaking if you’re shy or introverted? Thousands of people want to know the answers to these questions. Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or you simply need to make a speech at school or work, it’s essential to overcome your fears and learn to relax.

Public speaking is highly valued nowadays. Not only it can help you get new business and build your network, but also create opportunities you never knew existed. Don’t let fear and nervousness take over your life and stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Check out these simple tips on how to conquer public speaking fear once and for all:

How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear: Find Your Motivation

Determine what motivates you to become a better speaker. Do you want to advance in career, earn more money, or make a name for yourself? Or maybe you want to promote your business? People get into public speaking for different reasons. Some want to build a career in this field. Others already have successful careers and want to inspire the audience. In general, business people use public speaking for marketing their products and services. If you’re afraid to speak publicly, find your inner motivation. This will give you the strength needed to go on the stage and speak out loud.

How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear: Speak from the Heart

How to conquer public speaking fear if you’re shy? Sometimes the best way to conquer your fears is to focus on the things you love. Speak about your hobbies, favorite sports, personal beliefs and other topics that you care about. Back it up with your own experience to add authenticity. As long as you speak from the heart, you’ll feel relaxed and confident.

How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear: Act Confident

Some people will never be able to eliminate their fear of public speaking completely. If this is your case, try to act confident and hide your anxiety. Go online and look for tips on how to conquer public speaking fear. Apply those tips before and during your speech. The audience won’t notice how nervous you are unless you show it. Confidence has the greatest impact on your success. If you look confident, your chances of success will increase.

Are you still asking yourself how to conquer public speaking fear? Try the strategies described above. Breathing exercises and guided visualization can help you as well. Don’t forget to be yourself and connect with your audience.

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