Feb 10, 2015 at 02:20 PM

Public Speaking Confidence: How to become a confident, compelling speaker

By Scott Topper

Public Speaking Confidence: Plan Appropriately

Proper preparation is essential to any speaker. If you’re well prepared, you’ll feel less anxious and have more confidence. Write your speech ahead of time. Practice as often as you can. This will make it easier to handle unexpected questions from your audience and last-minute communications.

When practicing your speech, focus on body language, voice control, delivery, and stage presence. Try to connect with the members of your audience. Select a topic that you can easily talk about. Speaking confidence comes from choosing a topic that you enjoy. Be expressive with your emotions and show your enthusiasm.

Public Speaking Confidence: Simple Tips and Tricks

There are several things you can do for overcoming public speaking fear and gaining confidence. Take speech courses, go to seminars, record yourself, or join Toastmasters. Ask for feedback every time you make a speech. Attend business meetings and other events where you can watch other speakers in action. What do they do well? Are they using any special techniques for engaging the audience? Pay attention to the way they’re moving on the stage. Observe their hand gestures, their posture, their facial expressions, and their language.

Still need help? Here are other strategies to gain speaking confidence:

• Practice slow breathing to relax your mind and body
• Make eye contact with your audience
• Think positively
• Use visualization and affirmations
• Overcome your fear of failure
• Watch recordings of your speeches
• Practice diaphragmatic breathing
• Focus on people who are nodding
• Don’t expect perfection from yourself
• Remember that laughter breaks the ice
• Avoid reading word for word
• Keep your message short and simple
• Be yourself

Speaking confidence can be easily improved. Every time you get nervous, remember that public speaking can change your life. Invisibility is worse than failure. If you don’t trust yourself, you can’t expect others to do it. Take your time and focus on improving your presentation skills.  Over time, you will gain the confidence needed for success.

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