Mar 24, 2015 at 10:27 AM

Bill Clinton Has Earned More Than $100 Million for his Public Speaking Since 2001

By Scott Topper
Bill Clinton Has Earned More Than $100 Million for his Public Speaking Since 2001

Public speaking is feared by many with some even rating the thought of making a speech more terrifying than death, however one look at the earnings made by former US President Bill Clinton and most people would agree that public speaking has its benefits – especially when it earns you more than $100 million over a decade or so!

It has been revealed that former President Bill Clinton has earned a massive $104.9 million since January 2001 from making speeches all around the world.

Clinton's Greatest Speaking Success has been Overseas

Bill Clinton made most of his speeches after being president in his home country of America but his highest earnings it has been revealed came from appearances that he has made giving speeches in other parts of the world.

His total earnings from making speeches in Japan, Canada, China and across Europe totalled a massive $56.3 million and show that he is still a sought after speaker at events.

Bill Clinton has earned consistently well from his public speaking engagements over the years with his lowest earnings coming in 2013, the year that his wife Hillary Clinton resigned as the US Secretary of State, there was also a fall in earnings in 2004 when Bill Clinton underwent heart surgery.

The report into the earnings of Bill Clinton through speech making found that the majority of the clients who paid for his public speaking skills came from the financial sector where he made nearly $20 million from around 100 appearances.

The last speech made by Bill Clinton and detailed in the report shows that the former US President was paid the princely sum of $500,000 for a 45 minute speech he made at the 90th birthday of the former Israeli president Shimon Peres but that is not the most that he has been paid to make a speech – that was a huge $750,000 that he was paid in 2011 for giving a speech in Honk Kong for Ericsson.

Public Recognition can have Serious Advantages

While Bill Clinton has managed to earn a large amount of money for his public speaking and appearances, his wife Hillary has also managed to do well from the public speaking circuit. The report shows that Hillary Clinton is earning an average of $200,000 for each speech she makes and if she manages to get herself into the White House in 2016 as the first female President of the US, you can be sure that this rate will rise enormously.

Good speakers with a high profile are able to command large pay checks for making a speech and it goes to show that perhaps making a speech may not be all that painful after all – especially if you are being paid a huge amount to do so!

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