Apr 28, 2015 at 03:04 PM

Tips on Public Speaking: Avoid These Common Mistakes When Making a Speech

By Scott Topper
Tips on Public Speaking: Avoid These Common Mistakes When Making a Speech

Tips on public speaking can range from general advice to detailed explanations on speech writing and delivery. If you need help, you’ll find thousands of websites and blogs on public speaking. With so much information overload, many newbies make mistakes that cost them their reputation. Even those with years of experience make these mistakes occasionally. Some fail to engage their audience and keep their interest alive. Others forget a paragraph or use technical terms that only a few people understand.

Tips on Public Speaking: Rookie Mistakes That Hurt Your Reputation

Many public speakers, especially newbies, start their presentation with “Thank you for that kind introduction” or other boring phrase. If you search for tips on public speaking, you’ll see that it’s important to have a strong introduction. Give your audience an interesting quote, a shocking fact, or some fresh news. These things will grab their attention instantly.

Other speakers put too much energy into visual aids and special effects than into their message. They come with fancy slides and eye-catching materials, but fail to deliver an outstanding speech. If you have a hard time finding a great topic and writing your content, go online and look for tips on public speaking. You’ll find plenty of information to help you write and deliver amazing presentations.

Another common mistake in public speaking is not having a clear message. Any expert offering tips on public speaking will tell you that a good speech needs to inform, entertain, or persuade the audience. Whenever you speak in public, you must be clear about your message and the desired outcome. Tell people why they should attend your speech and how they can benefit from it.

Tips on Public Speaking: How to Become a Better Speaker

The public speaking mistakes listed above can hurt your reputation and stop you from becoming a successful speaker. If you want to establish your brand and gain credibility, avoid these mistakes in the first place. Use the Internet to find expert tips on public speaking.

Learn to deliver your message with energy and enthusiasm. Read more about body language and gestures. Those who suffer from public speaking fear should gather information about the best ways to overcome this problem. Stay informed and focus on improving your presentation skills. Public speaking requires long term commitment, so you’ll need time to hone your skills in this area. It won’t be easy, but the benefits are tremendous.

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